Sarasota Tooth Extractions

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Tooth Extractions at Sarasota bay Dental

At Sarasota Bay Dental, we focus on conservative care and will always try to save damaged or problematic teeth with restorative treatment before suggesting an extraction. However, if the damage is too severe to be remedied with a filling, crown, or root canal, an extraction may be necessary. We also offer gentle extractions to remove problematic wisdom teeth. If tooth removal is required, our modern extraction techniques, tools, and sedation dentistry options will ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the entire process.

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Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Problematic wisdom teeth are by far the most common reason for tooth extractions. However, extractions may also be necessary for orthodontic purposes, to prepare for a dental implant or dentures, or to remove a tooth that has been seriously damaged by decay, periodontitis, or an oral injury.

During your appointment, Dr. Miller will thoroughly assess your dental health to determine whether an extraction is necessary. Call us today to schedule your visit.

Sarasota tooth extractions

Problematic wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are our last set of molars and they typically grow in during a patient’s late teens or early twenties. Many people do not have enough room in their jaw for these teeth to grow in without causing problems. The insufficient room in a patient’s jaw can cause wisdom teeth to grow in sideways or become “impacted,” (meaning that they get stuck underneath the gums and cannot erupt all the way). This can lead to infections and other painful side-effects. For these reasons, most patients opt to have their wisdom teeth extracted when they begin to erupt.

Sarasota extractions

basic extractions

Basic extractions take about five minutes per tooth, and they are performed using local anesthetic to keep you comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure. Using a dental elevator and forceps, Dr. Miller will gently loosen the tooth in its socket and remove it. The area will be cleaned and sutured shut, and your gums should heal within one to two weeks.

If you feel that sedation dentistry would make you more comfortable during your extraction, don't hesitate to ask Dr. Miller about your options before your appointment at our Sarasota dental office.

Sarasota, FL tooth extractions

Do Tooth Extractions Hurt?

The tooth extraction process itself will not hurt, but some pain and discomfort are to be expected after your procedure, since tooth extraction is an invasive dental surgery.

During your extraction, Dr. Miller will numb your mouth with numbing spray, and then use a numbing needle to completely numb the nerves below the treatment area. Because of this, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during your extraction. We also offer sedation options to keep you comfortable at our office.

After your surgery, you won’t feel anything for a few hours after your appointment. But as the numbing wears off, your extraction site will begin to hurt. Other common postoperative symptoms include bleeding, bruising, swelling, inflammation, and tenderness near the surgical site.

There’s good news, though. Dr. Miller will provide you with a set of recovery instructions to follow after your extraction. By following these instructions carefully, you’ll be able to reduce your pain and discomfort, speed up the recovery process, and ensure you avoid complications after your extraction.

Tooth extractions in Sarasota, FL

Should I Replace My Missing Tooth?

Yes. If you have lost a tooth, with the exception of a wisdom tooth, you should have it replaced right away with a partial denture, a dental bridge, or a dental implant. Each of these treatments has their own pros and cons, and Dr. Miller can discuss them with you and help you choose the right one for your situation.

There are a few reasons you may want to replace a missing tooth. First, a missing tooth can negatively affect your appearance, self-confidence, and even your speech, particularly if you’ve had a front tooth extracted. Replacing your tooth will help you avoid these issues.

Losing one or more teeth can also make it harder to chew and eat your favorite foods, so replacing your missing teeth is essential for maintaining your normal diet.

Finally, losing a tooth may ruin your bite and tooth alignment, because the teeth near the now-missing tooth will shift toward it over time. Replacing the tooth ensures the nearby teeth can’t move, and helps you avoid this issue.

Tooth extractions Sarasota

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Need To Be Extracted?

No! In fact, a lot of people can keep their wisdom teeth with absolutely no ill effects. The wisdom teeth are a natural part of your mouth, and as long as they are not causing any oral health issues, there’s no reason to remove them.

The big problem with the wisdom teeth is that most people don’t have enough space in their mouths for the wisdom teeth to emerge properly. This is especially common in patients who have had orthodontic treatment to change their bite and straighten their teeth.

Because of this, the wisdom teeth may not emerge all the way when they erupt, or may even damage the nearby teeth or grow into the mouth sideways. When this happens, it’s usually best to extract the wisdom teeth.

Again, though, if your wisdom teeth are healthy and are not causing you any pain or other issues, there’s probably no reason to remove them.

At Sarasota Bay Dental, Dr. Robert Miller practices conservative dentistry, and will never recommend any procedure, especially one as invasive as a tooth extraction, unless it’s truly necessary. If you think your wisdom teeth may need to come out, contact Sarasota Bay Dental and come into our office for an honest assessment, and to find out what options you may have for treatment in Sarasota.

Sarasota, Florida tooth extractions

Gentle Tooth Extractions in Sarasota

Dr. Miller is dedicated to the comfort and safety of our patients. Our goal is to ensure that you do not feel anxious or nervous about any procedure, including tooth extractions. If your wisdom teeth are erupting or if you have a tooth that has been damaged, call us today to schedule a consultation to determine whether an extraction is necessary. Dr. Miller will thoroughly examine your mouth and offer honest advice about the best course of action. Give us a call at (941) 200-3723 or come by our office at 2809 University Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34243 to schedule your appointment.

Tooth extractions in Sarasota