Foods To Avoid After Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a very common cosmetic dentistry treatment in Sarasota. If you are unhappy with your smile and would like to make it look healthier, a teeth whitening treatment can help you achieve just that. 

But, did you know that what you do in the first hours and days after the whitening treatment can greatly influence the effectiveness and longevity of your results? 

The tubules in your teeth (the microscopic channels that travel through your teeth) become more porous after a whitening treatment. That means that air and liquids can easily pass through them. If you eat the wrong things after whitening your teeth, then you risk staining them or making them more prone to decay. That's because your teeth are more sensitive now and more likely to stain. 

A List of Foods You Should Avoid After Teeth Whitening

Keeping your teeth white and clean does not end at the dentist’s office, but it continues with your daily habits such as the foods you are eating. 

So, here's what you should avoid after whitening your teeth:

  • Acidic Foods

If you have just whitened your teeth, stay away from acidic foods for a while. Your enamel is not as strong after the procedure, and acidic foods can weaken it even further. 

Acidic foods include citrus fruits, tomatoes, pickled foods, and so on.

  • Staining Beverages 

Drinks such as coffee, dark tea, wine, or soda can stain your teeth on a regular basis, but it's especially important to avoid them for a few days after teeth whitening. If you do choose to have some coffee, use a straw to minimize the contact with your teeth and rinse your mouth afterward. 

  • Dark-Colored Fruits and Vegetables

Any fruit or vegetables that have staining properties should be avoided. The strong pigment in these foods can stain and damage your teeth. Watch out for fruits and vegetables like berries, purple cabbage, beets, cherries, dark leafy green, and so on. 

  • Foods Containing Dyes 

Any food that contains dyes, regardless of if it's natural or artificial, needs to be avoided. These foods can stain your teeth on normal occasions too, but the effects are even more intense after whitening. The dye can penetrate the tubules in your teeth and create hard-to-remove stains. We're talking here about pickles, balsamic vinegar, store-bought salad dressing, chewing gum, and so on. 

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