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Fillings for Decayed Teeth

Tooth decay is the single most common oral health issue in America for both children and adults. Even if you maintain great oral hygiene, there’s always a chance that you could develop a cavity. Dental fillings are the best way to fight back against tooth decay and restore your smile. 

With a filling, you can prevent the progression of tooth decay, eliminate the discomfort of a cavity, and make sure your smile stays bright and beautiful. Learn more about fillings from Dr. Robert Miller at Sarasota Bay Dental now, and schedule your consultation today.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings In Sarasota 

There are many different types of filling materials available, but the two most common are metal amalgam and dental composite fillings. Metal amalgam has been used in dentistry for decades, and it has proven to be very durable and effective for restoring the teeth. However, its silver-gray color can discolor your teeth and detract from the beauty of your smile.

That’s why we prefer to use tooth-colored fillings at Sarasota Bay Dental. Dental composite is made out of a special dental resin, and it can be matched to the color of your teeth. It is a bit more expensive than metal amalgam, but provides you with a very strong hold, long-lasting results, and a seamless appearance.

Sarasota dental fillings

What To Expect From The Filling Process

Having a tooth filled at Sarasota Bay Dental takes just one quick appointment at our office. First, Dr. Robert Miller will clean your teeth and numb the treatment area. You can also be sedated, if you wish, to ensure that you remain comfortable. 

Dr. Miller will begin the treatment by using a dental drill to remove decayed and damaged enamel from your tooth, and clean the tooth thoroughly. Dr. Miller will then choose a tooth-colored composite resin that matches your teeth perfectly, and apply it directly into the cavity.

Dr. Miller will shape the resin so that it mimics your natural bite for a comfortable restoration. Then, he will harden the filling using a UV light. Once the filling has been hardened, it will be checked for proper fit once again, and minor adjustments can be made, if necessary. Then, the tooth is buffed and polished, completing the procedure.

Sarasota, FL dental fillings

The Benefits Of Dental Fillings

The biggest benefit of a dental filling is that it prevents further damage from tooth decay. If you do not get care for a cavity with a dental filling, it will only get worse. It may even become infected and require a root canal and a dental crown, which is a much more expensive and time-consuming treatment, compared to a filling.

Tooth-colored fillings also restore your smile, and do not detract from your appearance. Your filling will look and feel just like a natural part of your mouth! 

Fillings are also very affordable, and the treatment is minimally-invasive. Even if you are on a tight budget or have dental anxiety, we can ensure that you get the treatment you need at Sarasota Bay Dental.

dental fillings in Sarasota

Restore Decayed Teeth

At Sarasota Bay Dental, Dr. Robert Miller is here to help you get the dental care you need to restore decayed teeth. With a filling, you can eliminate your cavity, prevent further complications like a tooth infection, and get relief from tooth sensitivity and pain. Read on to learn more about fillings in Sarasota from Dr. Miller, or contact us now to schedule your consultation.

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Composite Fillings

At our office, we prefer to restore decayed teeth with composite fillings. This type of filling does not use any metal, but instead is made from a blend of crushed glass and dental resin. And, unlike metal-amalgam fillings which are silver in color, composite fillings can be matched perfectly to the color of your teeth. This means you’ll get a more seamless, natural-looking restoration with a composite filling.

Composite fillings have some other advantages, too. Typically, less enamel must be removed during the tooth preparation process, which helps keep your tooth strong. Composite fillings also bond very tightly to your remaining tooth structure, so they are very durable. 

composite dental fillings in Sarasota

Signs That you Need a Filling

Wondering if you may need a filling for a cavity? The most common sign of a cavity is tooth sensitivity. If a particular tooth feels sensitive when you consume very hot or cold foods and drinks, you may have a cavity. Your tooth may also feel sensitive when you chew, or when you eat very sugary foods.

More advanced cavities can even cause toothache and pain when you’re not eating. If you notice any kind of serious tooth sensitivity or pain, this is a sign that something is wrong with your tooth, and you should get help from a Sarasota dentist like Dr. Robert Miller right away.

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