What Do I Do If My Old Filling Fails?

What Do I Do If My Old Filling Fails?

Unfortunately, dental fillings don’t last forever. With proper care and oral hygiene, your filling can easily last 10, 15, or even 20 years. But eventually, it may fail and need to be replaced by Dr. Robert Miller at Sarasota Bay Dental.

But how do you know if your filling has failed? And what should you do if you suspect your filling has failed? Find out in this blog, and make sure you know the proper steps to take if your filling is failing. 

What Are The Signs Of A Failed Filling?

When they first start to fail, fillings often do not cause any symptoms at all. But as time goes on and the filling continues to loosen, or the enamel near the area continues to decay, you may start to notice a few different signs and symptoms.

  • Tooth discomfort and sensitivity – You may feel sharp and sudden pain in your tooth when you bite down or chew, particularly when chewing hot or cold foods, or very hard or tough foods. You may also have a bit of a toothache, or your tooth may feel more sensitive to very sugary foods. 
  • Filling feels loose or strange – If you can feel your filling with your tongue, you may notice that it feels a bit loose, or the texture of the filling may feel a little bit different. This could indicate a problem with the filling.
  • Discoloration near the filling – If you see that the area around your filling has a gray, discolored appearance, this is a sure sign that your filing has failed. This discoloration is likely caused by tooth decay. As bacteria eat away at the area, the tooth may continue to become more and more discolored.
  • Filling falls out or is pulled out while eating – If your filling is pulled out or falls out while you’re eating, it likely has been failing for a long time, and you simply did not notice. Obviously, this means that your filling has failed completely, so you’ll need to have it replaced.

You Need To Have Your Filling Replaced ASAP If It Fails – It’s An Emergency! 

Not sure what to do if your old filling fails? You need to see a dentist like Dr. Robert Miller at Sarasota Bay Dental immediately! A failed filling qualifies as a dental emergency, because it can lead to extensive tooth decay, or even a tooth infection that requires root canal therapy for treatment.

In addition, a failed or failing filling can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have your filling replaced at our office right away. We’re always accepting emergency patients for same-day care in Sarasota, so give us a call at (941) 200-3723 to schedule an appointment. 

Contact Us Now To Get Help For A Failed Filling In Sarasota 

If you don’t get help for a failed filling right away, your oral health will only get worse, and you may continue to experience severe pain and discomfort. So don’t wait. Contact us online or call (941) 200-3723 now to get an appointment at Sarasota Bay Dental, and get a new filling from Dr. Robert Miller.