The Truth About Pineapple Juice and The Wisdom Tooth Recovery Process

Who doesn’t love a hack? The internet is filled with short videos and posts that can help solve all kinds of problems with stuff that’s just lying around the house.

One hack that was really popular at one point was using pineapple juice to help with wisdom tooth recovery. People online were claiming that this delicious beverage helps reduce pain and inflammation after surgery.

But is there any truth to it? Or is it just another “hack” created for views?

Here’s the truth behind the hack. 

Yes, Pineapple Juice Does Have Some Anti-Inflammatory Properties

After getting a wisdom tooth extracted (and after the anesthesia wears off), you’ll feel some pain and swelling. To manage your symptoms, your Sarasota dentist will most likely recommend taking some over-the-counter pain meditation and using a cold compress to reduce swelling.

Unfortunately, even with these tips, you will still be a bit uncomfortable the following days, so of course, a simple hack like drinking pineapple juice will be really tempting.

And guess what? There’s actually some truth behind it!

Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, does have pain and swelling reduction properties, as seen in a few different medical studies. As a result, drinking pineapple juice would give your body an extra dose of bromelain, which can help with your post-surgery symptoms, at least in theory.

But, There’s More to It

Drinking pineapple juice isn’t the same as taking bromelain. The juice itself will have a lot more compounds - in fact, it has a lot of sugars. 

Drinking large quantities of pineapple juice to help your wisdom tooth recovery may not be such a great idea, as it can:

  • Increase the risk of cavities (because of the sugars)
  • Spike up your blood sugar
  • Make you nauseous or lead to stomach problems

Realistically, the amount of pineapple juice you’d need to drink to feel the effects of the bromelain may be too much to handle.

So, Should You Stay Away from This Hack?

Yet again, you shouldn’t believe everything you see online. While pineapple juice can help curb your symptoms when ingested in certain quantities, its potential side effects make this hack not worth the effort.

You can use a bit of pineapple juice in combination with other remedies, however. Just be sure not to overdo it, and cleanse your mouth with water or by brushing your teeth to remove the sugars.

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