What’s the Difference Between a Regular Cleaning and a “Deep Cleaning”?

What’s the Difference Between a Regular Cleaning and a “Deep Cleaning”?

If you’re thinking about visiting the team at Sarasota Bay Dental for an appointment and you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you may be wondering if you need a regular teeth cleaning or a “deep cleaning.” What’s the difference between these procedures, and which one is right for you? Our team is always happy to help by answering any questions you may have!

A Regular Cleaning Is Part of a Preventive Dentistry Routine

All patients at Sarasota Bay Bay Dental receive teeth cleanings as part of their regular oral exam and check-up every six months. A standard cleaning is one of the cornerstones of preventive dentistry. It allows your dental hygienist to assess your dental health and remove plaque and tartar.

Usually, a cleaning at Sarasota Bay Dental consists of three steps. After a quick exam from your hygienist, they will use a dental scaler to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and around your gum line. Then, they will use a high-powered toothbrush and a gritty toothpaste to clean away surface stains and plaque from your teeth. 

Finally, your teeth will be flossed to remove any remaining debris. After this, Dr. Robert Miller will come into the examination room to check your teeth and ensure your mouth is healthy. The entire process is totally non-invasive and usually takes less than an hour.

Deep Cleanings Are Intended to Treat Gum Disease

Deep cleanings are completely different from regular teeth cleanings. They are not recommended or required for all patients at Sarasota Bay Dental. Instead, they are intended only to be used to treat patients who have gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. 

If Dr. Miller discovers that you have gum disease during your initial checkup, you may need to schedule another appointment for periodontal care. But if your gums are healthy, you’ll never need to get this procedure at Sarasota Bay Dental. 

A deep cleaning, also known as scaling & root planing involves scraping away plaque and tartar from between your teeth, and smoothing the roots of your teeth. The process usually takes two appointments, with one half of your mouth being cleaned at each appointment. 

Dr. Miller will numb your mouth, then use special dental tools to clean bacteria away from between your teeth and gums and to smooth out the roots of your teeth to eliminate the periodontal “pockets” where gum disease-causing bacteria tend to collect. 

Along with antibiotic treatment, deep cleanings are used to resolve cases of gingivitis and early-stage periodontitis, and keep your mouth healthy. Depending on the stage of your disease, you may also need antibiotic treatment, and regular periodontal checkups every three months to keep your gums healthy. 

Get the Preventive Care You Need in Sarasota From Dr. Robert Miller! 

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