5 Tips to Prevent Dry Socket After a Tooth Extraction

A dry socket is a medical condition that can be experienced after a tooth extraction in Sarasota; when a tooth pulls out, as a way to try and heal it, a blood clot will form right in the extraction site in order to protect all the bone and nerve endings exposed.

It’s very important to keep this clot in place until the gums heal and the extraction site closes. When the clot dislodges, it can lead to extremely painful symptoms and a delay in healing.

Here are five ways to prevent dry socket from happening:

1. Don’t Drink Through a Straw

You may think you’re protecting the extraction site by not exposing it to liquids, but the suction movement can actually dislodge the blood clot. In general, you should avoid using straws for a least five days post extraction.

2. Don’t Spit

Your dentist will tell you all about the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene while healing from a tooth extraction; however, when using toothpaste, gentle mouthwash, or saline water, it’s very important not to spit in the first few days post-extraction.

Like with using the straw, the motion itself can dislodge the clot.

3. Don’t Brush Over The Extraction Site

Until your gums heal, you should avoid directly brushing over the extraction site. Instead, use saline water or very gently mouthwash to cleanse your mouth after every meal, and keep your teeth and site clean.

4. Eat Soft Foods

For the first 1-2 days, you should stick to eating soft foods that don’t require lots of chewing:

  • Soups
  • Applesauce
  • Yogurt
  • Purees
  • Smoothies, etc.

Make sure your food is not too hot or too cold to avoid any pain while you eat.

After the first 1-2 days, you can slowly start eating harder foods but still refrain from items like nuts, crackers, or chips until your implant site heals.

5. Make Some Lifestyle Changes

If you work out, it’s best to avoid going to the gym in the first few days after your extraction. Exercise can increase blood pressure and lead to additional bleeding. You can resume physical activity as your site heals, but just remember to take it slow.

And if you’re a smoker, try to refrain from this habit while you are healing. Not only does smoking a cigarette increase your risk of dislodging the clot, but it can also significantly delay your healing.

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