Can I Smoke After a Tooth Extraction?

While a minor and simple procedure, tooth extractions can be quite uncomfortable. You can expect some pain and swelling as well as discomfort from having a missing tooth in your mouth. Your overall health and lifestyle choices can influence how quickly your body will recover. But, if you are an avid smoker, then there are a few additional precautions you need to keep in mind. 

Why You Shouldn't Smoke After a Tooth Extraction 

When a tooth is extracted, a blood clot will form in that hole. This blood clot is essential to the healing process and you need to be very careful not to dislodge it. If the blood clot is dislodged, then that can lead to a painful condition known as dry socket. 

Immediately after the extraction, the dentist will place gauze in the hole to promote blood clot formation. You will have to bite on that gauze for a few hours and then follow a list of specific instructions to promote healing. Your dentist will instruct you to avoid chewing on the extraction site for a week, avoid eating hard foods, avoid drinking with a straw, and avoid smoking. 

But, why shouldn't you smoke after a tooth extraction? 

Smoking a cigarette can cause the blood clot to dislodge and increase your risk of getting dry socket. Moreover, the substances found in tobacco products can inhibit blood flow to the extraction site and hinder the healing process. 

How Long After a Tooth Extraction Can I Start Smoking? 

The extraction site will need about five days to heal, so it's best to abstain from smoking during this period. As hard as it may be to give up this habit for a few days, the consequences can be quite painful and troubling if you don’t. You may require more dentist visits and treatments to restore your oral health. 

What Should You Do After a Tooth Extraction 

To promote healing after a tooth extraction you should: 

  • Avoid chewing on the extraction site. 
  • Avoid any strenuous physical activities for at least 24 hours. 
  • Take it slow and allow your body to heal. 
  • Only eat soft foods for a few days to avoid food getting stuck in the hole. You should also avoid foods that are too chewy. 
  • Avoid drinking through a straw. 
  • Avoid hot beverages like coffee and alcohol. 

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